The heart wants: The art of art collecting lies in getting out of your own way

art in bedroom///A rare, intimate view of Daly’s bedroom art. Super suggestive, yes?///

Hello! Art is a critical part of home decor and not something easily determined. I (Daly) wrote a little piece giving some tips on art choosing in the most recent The Tulsa Voice. Read a snippet and find a link to the full article below. ALSO BELOW, find loads of photos from internet friends; a great way to stew on how to incorporate art in your own home is to see how others do it.


Someone recently asked me how to choose art for his home. I suggest selecting art that moves you, but if you have no feelings—as my friend claims—I guess start with what matches your furniture. Green sofa? Get a landscape with some green-leafed trees to tie the walls to your floors. And if you’re really feeling nothing after looking extensively at a variety of art, seek professional help before you murder someone. Then, consider these tips.

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art shelves///Daly’s shelves mix flea market finds with art from friends and a few extra special splurges.///

palmer art in bedroom

///Ashley Palmer’s bedroom art. That’s an upholstered door above her bed.///

laurie art in home 2///Laurie and Bob Meyers’ home expertly showcases collections of vintage pieces. Left, portraits. Right, crucifixes. Grouping things creates cohesion in a collection and melds it into an art piece.///

Laurie art in home///My personal favorite submission. Also, Laurie and Bob Meyers’ home. See how different in color, size and subject these vintage paint-by-numbers are, but how bunched together, they become one large statement piece? Love it!///

arena art in hallway///Arena Marsh Mueller sent in these beautiful vignettes. I like her trend of black and white photographs that links them together well, and also her asymmetrical, yet balanced organization of her wall-hangings. See her lovely emphasis on gold frames in the right-hand photo?///

Zac art in home

///Another great example of a collage of artwork. Zach Cramberg’s wall of art is tied together by carefully linking colors. See especially the very subtle trend of black and red. It’s so cleanly done that you’re barely cognizant of a color trend.///

amanda williams art in home///Amanda William’s pretty home has a very clean approach. Love her commitment to large, single pieces that really ground the adjacent furniture.///

Sarah Kern - art in home 2

Sarah Kern art in home///Sarah Kern, you have such calm, minimalist taste. I yearn to do this. Love how restrained your vignettes are, and obviously, your cat does too.///

art in homes///Left, Kerrie Bekaert’s nursery has a sweet bird theme. Middle and Right, Danielle Renae’s collection showcases carefully curated and displayed art and artifacts.///

art in home///All the pieces in Noriko Walters’ living room are united together with one beautiful work of art.///

There are a million ways to put art in your homes. The situating of art is an art form in itself. Try things, look at photos, you’ll get it and grow in the process.


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